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Why is my GB WhatsApp not ringing?

If your GB WhatsApp calls aren’t ringing, you may have tried enabling incoming ringtones, but it’s still not working. Below are 4 ways to solve this problem.

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Disable do not disturb

Even if you set the incoming volume to the highest level, you will not get a ringtone unless the “do not disturb” button is enabled. Here’s how to check if the do not disturb function is enabled.

Clear cache

When your phone runs out of memory, your apps can easily crash. Try clearing the cache and uninstalling unwanted apps.

Restart your Android phone

Most people try to restart their phone when there is a problem with an app. This is a very good idea. You can try it too. Maybe your phone is just lazy.

Reinstall or update GB WhatsApp.

It’s inevitable that you encounter programme errors when using an app, and this is also the case with GB WhatsApp. You can uninstall and reinstall GB WhatsApp. Or update the latest version.

We hope that the above methods will be useful to you for your GB WhatsApp.

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