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How to schedule messages in GB WhatsApp?

Scheduling messages in GB WhatsApp can be a convenient and efficient way to communicate with others while taking into account time zone differences, busy schedules, and personalized messaging.

How to schedule messages in GB WhatsApp?

Why do we need to use Scheduling messages in GB WhatsApp?

  1. Time zone differences: If you have friends, family, or business associates in different time zones, scheduling messages can ensure that your message is sent at a convenient time for the recipient.
  2. Reminders: Scheduling messages can serve as a reminder for upcoming events or tasks that need to be done.
  3. Work-related purposes: Scheduling messages can be helpful for work-related purposes, such as sending reminders to your team about deadlines, meetings, or other important events.
  4. Personal reasons: Scheduling messages can be useful for personal reasons, such as sending birthday wishes, holiday greetings, or other important messages to your loved ones.

How to use Scheduling messages in GB WhatsApp?

  1. Launch the GB WhatsApp
  2. Click the three dots upper on the right corner
  3. Click the “Meaasge Scheduler” button
  4. Press the Add “+” button
  5. Choose the time when you want to send this message
  6. Type the message that you want to send on the blank
  7. Click the Hook button is finish
  8. The message will be sent at the time that you set.

The process of how to send Scheduling messages has been fully described, Why not give it a try? If you still have any questions, welcome leave a message in the below Message Area, and we will try our best to solve your problem.

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