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How to Send Long Videos on GB WhatsApp

Do you want to know how to send long videos on GB WhatsApp? The popularity of short video apps has changed the way we use GB WhatsApp. Perhaps you want to send interesting long videos that you’ve seen in short video apps, or maybe you want to send a long video to a friend that you’ve made for them. All of this can be transmitted via GB WhatsApp, but sending longer videos requires a different approach. Let’s learn how to send long videos on GB WhatsApp together, making it easier for you to communicate with others using this app.

Here are the steps to follow when sending a long video on GB WhatsApp.

Instead of sending videos from your gallery, you should open a dialogue in GB WhatsApp and select “Document.”

GB WhatsApp

After clicking on this option, find the “Browse other folders” button.

GB WhatsApp

This will allow you to navigate to your phone’s gallery and select the long video you want to send.

GB WhatsApp

You will see that the long video has been sent to your contacts as a document.

GB WhatsApp

It’s important to note that GB WhatsApp is a more advanced alternative to WhatsApp, allowing you to send documents up to 1GB, compared to the 100MB limit on WhatsApp. If you want to avoid compressing the picture quality or files when sending long videos, GB WhatsApp is the right choice for you.

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