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How to share GB WhatsApp link?

Are you using GB WhatsApp? Do you think it’s a useful message application? Most people who have used GB WhatsApp have been raving about it. It not only improves the visual appearance, but also enhances many features that are available to add many new pleasures to people’s daily chats.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

Here for more info about GB WhatsApp.

When people use something like application, they always want it to be more relevant to their needs. When they use the original WhatsApp, for example, they will want the scheduled messaging feature, or the ability to send large files. So that’s why GB WhatsApp was created.

We can count the details of where GB WhatsApp has been optimized. It has added New message scheduler and autoresponder feature, Redesigned PIN and pattern lock screen. It also fixed the problem as below:

  • Problems with apps that freeze and don’t work.
  • Delayed messages.
  • Random crashes when messages are numeric and random crashes when saving status.
  • Call failed problem on some devices in Android 11.
  • Media download not working and packet connection problems.

Now do you find GB WhatsApp interesting? It has a very large number of features waiting for you to explore. If you already have GB WhatsApp, share it with your family and friends!

Perhaps you have no idea on how to share out GB WhatsApp, it’s okay, follow my steps.

Here is how to share GB WhatsApp link.

  1. First, open GB WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Next, please tap on the 3 dots then you will see the menu.
  3. Now, select the “Mods” option.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and it will appear”Share GB WhatsApp with friends!”
  5. Now you can share GB WhatsApp link.

The steps of sharing GB WhatsApp link is quite easy, come to try it.

If you are interested in GB WhatsApp, then you can click the link below to jump to the page to download it.

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