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How to open hide chat in GB WhatsApp?

Why need to hide or show chats in GB WhatsApp? This question may be asked by many people, so today we will discuss it.

We know that WhatsApp is nowadays the most popular social media tool. Although WhatsAppb continues to meet the needs of its users. But it still lacks m some tte specific feature, and that is the ability to hide chat conversations.

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There will always be situations where we have to hand over our phones and if we don’t want to delete our chats, then we need to be able to do that to hide our conversations from prying eyes. However, the original WhatsApp does not support this feature, but you can do it with GB WhatsApp.

In GB WhatsApp you are able to hide chats on the homepage. This keeps your chats very secure. However, after hiding the chat log, many users do not know how to display the chat log in GB WhatsApp. If you are a GB WhatsApp user, then this complication is solved here.

Open hide chats in GB WhatsApp, you can follow the steps:

  1. Open GB WhatsApp on your phone,then go to the Chats tab.
  2. To scroll down to the screen bottom, click on the 3-dot menu icon.
  3. When the menu appears, select “Hide Chats”option.
  4. A list of all the chats that have been hidden will be displayed. If you would like to unhide a chat, simply long press on the chat you would like to unhide.
  5. Once you have selected a chat, an ‘Unhide’ button will appear at the top of the screen, click on it.
  6. This chat will now be available in your chat list one more time.

That’s it! You have successfully open hide chat in GB WhatsApp!

If you are interested in GB WhatsApp, then you can click the link below to jump to the page to download it.

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