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How to get notification when someone is online on GB WhatsApp

Wouldn’t you want a feature like this? It is when your friends or family members are online GB WhatsApp will notify you, and then you can contact each other immediately, so that the timely communication can promote mutual affection.

However, GB WhatsApp does not have such features that can get notification when someone online. But this is not impossible to solve, now there are so many applications for iPhone and Android that can achieve this goal perfectly. Notifications are displayed directly on your phone screen without the need to open the app.

Method – mSpy

  • Install mSpy which is a tracker app on your Android or iPhone. This app is quite popular and easy to install and operate.
  • After completing the installation, login to your GB WhatsApp number. Click on the Activity option and make certain that Activity is shown in green.
  • Then set the contacts you want to get notifications from and you will be notified when someone is online on GB WhatsApp.
  • Notifications will be displayed on the screen when someone is online or offline.

Note: This application is not total free, so please consider it carefully before deciding whether you want to buy it.

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Now you will receive the notification when your friend is online. Enjoy your chatting time!

Actually there has many tracker app on the market, such as OnlineNotify, WhatzTrack Tracker ect..

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