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GB WhatsApp Pro

The Top-Rated Mod of WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Official | Latest Version 2024 New Updated

Completely Anti-Ban

1000 Striking Stickers

Hide Online Status

Support Hide Chat

Customize Different Wallpaper

Ads-Free & Virus-Free

Support Dual Accounts

4000 Engaging Themes

Latest Version: V9.98 | Official Website:,

GB WhatsApp Pro started spreading like a virus among the user community. Although, GB WhatsApp Pro is one of the mods of the original WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro has many competing rivals, more than half a billion users still taste the sweetness of GBWhatsApp Pro download. As mentioned at the beginning, GB WhatsApp Pro new version is a great way to get someone’s attention because it has been designed to be very sweet. In the GB WhatsApp Pro latest version, it showcases six features – versatile, easy to use, responsive, ad-free, no charge and smarter – that have captivated countless tech fans. If you too have been hit by the virus called GB WhatsApp Pro and want to explore the full features of GB WhatsApp download Pro, you can get any GB WhatsApp Pro updates here.

About GB WhatsApp Pro APK

GB WhatsApp Pro latest version is a better alternative to the original WhatsApp, where users could not hide the blue ticks and could not change to a wider variety of themes. This is why GB WhatsApp Pro APK was created. Other mods for the original WhatsApp also emerged, but WhatsApp GB Pro is still the best of the lot, changing the way users view an instant messaging app and changing the way people use it. Here are the details about GB WhatsApp Pro APK.

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro APK
R&D TeamHeymods
App TypeInstant messaging WA MOD
Updated1 day ago
Version numberV9.98
System RequiredAndroid 5.0+
Accumulated Loads500,000,000

What is new in GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version 2024

The GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version 2024 brings big changes. This GB WhatsApp Pro New Update not only fixes the problems that existed in the previous version and upgrades the features that already existed, but also develops completely new features for use. Here is a brief summary of the new and upgraded features:

  • Customisable themes
  • Powerful privacy features
  • Unrestricted contacts
  • Built-in app lock
  • More advanced file transfer functionalit
  • HD image sharing
  • More options for emojis

When you want to get GB WhatsApp Pro APK download, you must have been attracted by its unique and powerful features. WhatsApp GB Pro can give you something different from the original WhatsApp. The following section will help you better understand the features that GB WhatsApp Pro has.

GB WhatsApp Pro VS Original WhatsApp

What is the difference between GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 and the original WhatsApp that makes people so concerned about it? The following article compares the differences between GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 and the original WhatsApp, and hopefully will answer the questions for those who have the same doubts. Also, you can bookmark this site to get the latest news on GB WhatsApp pro APK download.

Chat & Media

FEATURESGB WhatsApp ProOriginal WhatsApp
Voice message size100MB16MB
Images that can be sent at onceup to 90up to 30
Sendable media sizeup to 50MBup to 16MB

Privacy & Security

FEATURESGB WhatsApp ProOriginal WhatsApp
Hide blue tick×
Hide typing status×
Hide online status×
Anti-delete messages×

Themes & Icons

FEATURESGB WhatsApp ProOriginal WhatsApp
Available themes3000+Only dark or light theme
Changeable app icons×

GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 Latest Version’s Exclusive Features

Customisable themes

Privacy features

Unrestricted contacts


File transfer

HD image sharing

More emojis options

The best feature of GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 Latest Version is the wide range of themes that are available. For the official WhatsApp, this is incredible. The official WhatsApp has never been able to customise the themes, which was found boring by many users. But with GB WhatsApp Pro APK download, you can customise the theme you want. And you can change the theme as many times as you like. This is all free of charge. And GBWhatsApp Pro is constantly increasing the number of themes available.

Many users have these embarrassing moments. When one wants to hide the online status, the typing status or the blue double marker, the official WhatsApp does not offer such features. Some people love the restrictions given by the official WhatsApp. Because you know if the other person is online by their online status, you know if they are typing by their typing status, and you know if the other person has seen the message by the change in the blue double marker. But there will always be a moment when you don’t want to reveal this information about yourself. You want to be online in peace and quiet and don’t want to be spied on. That’s when you need GB WhatsApp Pro APK download, which allows users to customise whether or not to show their online status, their typing status and the blue double tick. It gives users a higher level of empowerment. If you are also tired of the official WhatsApp forcing your status to be displayed etc., you should not miss out on GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 Latest Version.

This is very different from the official WhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp Pro update you don’t need to add a contact to send a message to anyone, as long as the person has already registered with the original WhatsApp. This is considerably more convenient for some users. Some people aren’t friends you know well, but you need to contact them for work or other reasons in your life. This feature will solve the problem of not wanting to add a friend but wanting to send a message to the person.

GB WhatsApp Pro has always done a fantastic job with security and privacy. Nowadays, users are becoming more and more privacy conscious. No one wants to be shown their chat records or other content without their permission. If you are also very security conscious, you should give this app a try. GB Pro WhatsApp download brings a new built-in app lock with this update. This means that the security of your chat history has been greatly increased again. When you use the built-in lock function, not only will you need to enter your password to open your phone, but you will also need to re-enter the password when you want to use GB WhatsApp download Pro. The advantage of this is that no one can see the front page of your GBWhatsApp Pro APP without your permission.

GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 Latest Version’ Upgrade Features

When you use the official WhatsApp, file transfers are certainly a nuisance. Nowadays more and more people use WhatsApp as a tool for communication at work. Inevitably, you need to transfer a number of different types of files at work. However, WhatsApp does not support the transfer of many different types of files. Many people need to seek the help of other apps at such times. GB WhatsApp Pro Update has upgraded the file transfer function. You can transfer files of any type, no matter what they are. As well as file size limits have become more relaxed. With GB WhatsApp Pro, you can transfer files of up to 1GB at a time.

The official WhatsApp always compresses the picture quality when transferring photos. Of course, this has the advantage that it helps users to transfer photos quickly and easily for download. GB WhatsApp Pro also optimises this feature. When you use GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version, the transferred photos will always be in their original quality.

Emoticons have become increasingly important in our chats. It helps us to convey feelings that we cannot convey with text. Unlike the original WhatsApp, where only a single emoji could be used, GB WhatsApp Pro APK download can use not only WhatsApp emojis, but also those of Facebook and Messenger.

FAQs of GB WhatsApp Pro

Q1. Why use GB WhatsApp Pro?

For some users who have not come across GB WhatsApp Pro APK, it may be difficult to understand why people use GB WhatsApp download Pro, a mod version of the official WhatsApp. This is actually pretty well explained. Because of the limitations of the official WhatsApp, many users who need more freedom find the official WhatsApp very boring and difficult to use. This is why people are looking for better and more free mods of the official WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp Pro APK download is one of them.

Q2. How to download GB WhatsApp Pro?
  • Download GB WhatsApp APK on your phone via the official website link (make sure you have enough memory on your phone in advance)
  • Click on the downloaded GB WhatsApp APK, you will see the option to install it, click on it
  • Wait for the installation to complete, it will take a while
  • Once the installation is complete, you can log into your GB WhatsApp account!

Other version of GB WhatsApp Pro

Of course, GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 is not the only one in the history of GB WhatsApp Pro that has been warmly received by users. Before that, other versions of GB WhatsApp Pro also gave users a taste of how technology can change their lives. The following are some of the most popular historical versions of GB WhatsApp Pro

  • GBWhatsApp Pro V8.25 download
  • GB WhatsApp Pro V9.00 download
  • GB WhatsApp Pro V9.45 download
  • GB WhatsApp Pro V9.50 download
  • GB WhatsApp Pro v13.50 download
  • GB WhatsApp Pro v16.20 download

Also, People can download GB WhatsApp Pro latest from the official website:,

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Last words

GB WhatsApp Pro APK is gradually becoming a popular choice for users who want to download it. To Update GB WhatsApp APK to the latest version has also become a popular option for the masses. This is because GB WhatsApp Pro breaks a number of limitations offered by the original WhatsApp and stands out from the crowd of mods of original WhatsApp by its versatility and ease of use. This made GB WhatsApp Pro a subconscious choice for users.

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