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Do you get delayed messages on GB WhatsApp?

We know GB WhatsApp is a great message application. Although the variety of features makes it very popular, there are drawbacks to the application which often make it difficult to use.

GB WhatsApp

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Do you know what its biggest drawback is? It’s that GB WhatsApp often suffers from delayed messages.

This may have happened to everyone with GB Whatsapp, but don’t worry, follow along with us to solve the problem.

Do you know why your GB WhatsApp get delayed messages?

  1. Internet connection issue: The primary reason for delayed GB Whatsapp messages is a weak internet connection. An unstable internet service will cause your GB Whatsapp to not send and receive messages properly.
  2. Issues with GB Whatsappb itself: If you have not updated to the latest version of GB WhatsApp, then you will probably face problems with delayed messages.
  3. Your device issue: Your device configuration might prevent you from receiving or sending messages on GB Whatsapp.

How to solve this problem?

  1. Reset your network: Please check your network to ensure that your internet service is stable.
  2. Turn off your GB WhatsApp and restart.
  3. Activate the option to run the app in the background: When you enable the application to run in the background for GB WhatsApp, your device’s system will automatically refresh and notify you of the latest news.
  4. Reboot your device: Reboot your device, which can solve many unexpected glitches.
  5. Clearing the app cache: Another option to fix the GB Whatsapp delayed message error is to clear the app’s cache.
  6. Reinstall or update your GB WhatsApp: If you have not yet updated the latest version of GB Whatsapp then you should try to uninstall it and reinstall the app by following the steps below:
  • Hold and press the GB WhatsApp icon, then select the uninstall option.
  • Go to GB WhatsApp official website to download the latest version.
  • After downloading the APK, install it on your phone.
  • Now open your New GB WhatsApp.

Now do you have a good understanding of GB WhatsApp delayed messages?

If you are interested in GB WhatsApp, then you can try to download it. I will put a download link for the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK below.

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