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How to Delete GB WhatsApp Messages

Hey friends, did you know that to delete GB WhatsApp messages is not that simple a task? In fact, if you have searched online on how to delete GB WhatsApp messages, you will find two different methods. Why is this? Because there are two ways to delete GB WhatsApp messages. In the first case, the GB WhatsApp message is deleted for everyone on both sides of the chat. With this type of deletion, neither the person who sent the message nor the person who received it will be able to see the deleted message again. The second case is unilateral deletion of GB WhatsApp messages. The messages will no longer appear in your chat history, but the recipient can still see them. Whichever way you prefer to delete messages, you can refer to this article. The following will present the steps for the two ways to delete GB WhatsApp messages.

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First case– deleting GB WhatsApp messages from everyone on both sides of the chat

This is a feature that most users would love to have. After all, we always send the wrong word or the wrong sentence. In order to handle such situations, we can use the function — Delete GB WhatsApp messages — to help ourselves. GB WhatsApp will display “The message was deleted” instead of the withdrawn message.

  • Long press on the GB WhatsApp message you want to delete.
  • You will see that the top column of GB WhatsApp has changed. Click on Delete at the top column. 3. At this point, you will have three options to choose from. You will need to select Delete for Everyone, after which the message will not appear in either of your chats.

Second case — unilaterally delete GB WhatsApp messages

This function allows you to clear your phone’s memory. Sometimes our chats take up most of our phone’s memory. So it is necessary to delete GB WhatsApp messages regularly to keep the memory sufficient. Of course, you must remember that this will only stop you seeing the deleted messages, but your contacts will still be able to see them.

The steps are actually very simple and the first two steps are the same as the first way. The deleted messages will not appear in your chat history until you select Delete for me in the last step.

Final words

That’s it! That’s all the details of deleting Whatsapp Yo messages. You can learn about the two different ways of deleting messages and the differences between them in this article. We hope this article will help you to optimize your experience with GB WhatsApp.

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