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How to Change GB WhatsApp Background

Change GB WhatsApp background to show off your personal aesthetic! GB WhatsApp has always been praised by its users for its diverse themes and wallpapers. So, when you use GB WhatsApp, you can’t help but change the background! Once you get good at changing the GB WhatsApp background, you will find that it doesn’t even take you three minutes to change it. But the benefits of this action are considerable: your GB WhatsApp becomes prettier, and you feel better!

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Steps to change the GB WhatsApp background:

For all chats

  • Once in GB WhatsApp, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner and select Settings.
  • In Setting, you will find Chat, click on it. After that select Wallpaper again.
  • Click on the green font Change in the middle of the test, then you can choose to use the background that comes with the system or choose your favourite image from My photo.

For individual chats

Of course, not only does GB WhatsApp allow you to change the background of all your chats, but you can also change the GB WhatsApp background of a particular person individually, but in a slightly different way to the one mentioned above.

When you want to change the wallpaper for a special contact, you need to select the dialog for both of you directly and then click on the vertical row of three dots in the top right corner. Here you can see that there is a separate Wallpaper, select it and you can change the GB WhatsApp background for the individual contact!

As you can see, changing the GB WhatsApp background is really easy. In just a few minutes you can make your GB WhatsApp more beautiful, why not? Come and change your GB WhatsApp background now!

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