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GB WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version v17.85 | Official New Update 2024

Add Caller ID

Freeze Last Seen

Hide Online Status

Run Dual Accounts

Various Love Stickers

Automatic Reply Message

Multiple Attractive Themes

Shake to Meet New Friends

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The hotly anticipated official ad-free and virus-free GB WhatsApp official 2024 new version has been released. It is a hard act to follow due to various smart features such as an electrifying splashy engaging theme, outstanding font, vibrant effects, electrifying emojis, and more. If you are a fan of the original WhatsApp but struggle to find some new and interesting features on WhatsApp GB, then this great WhatsApp mod can subtly improve the user experience. It is a surprising fusion of official WhatsApp and your ideas. GB WhatsApp downloading process is quite easy and try to enjoy it, you may find lesser-known features that interest you.

What Is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp app, a modified version of WhatsApp, is one of the best-customized instant communication apps on the market. It mainly aims to improve the interface customization and privacy features of the original application. GB WhatsApp APK offers the same functionality as the original WhatsApp, allowing you to send voice messages, text messages, and photos to your friends.

Other Names of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is also commonly referred to as GBWS, along with other names such as WA GB, GB WA, WS GB, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp GB, GB WhatsAp, GBWatsApp, GBWhatApp, GB Whatsup, GB Mod, Wa Mod, Mod WA GB, WatsApGB, WhatsApp Mod, WA Mod or Zap GB. These alternative names are often used interchangeably and represent the same app with enhanced features and customization options.

What’s New in GB WhatsApp 2024 Latest Version?

Since the advent of GBWhatsApp, its developers have promised to keep updating and fixing it to improve the messaging experience. Let’s dive into some of the recentSince the advent of GBWhatsApp, its developers have promised to keep updating and fixing it. Some of the new and fixed features of the GB WhatsApp latest version is as follows. enhancements that have been made to the latest GBWhatsApp APK.


New message scheduler and autoresponder feature

Allow saving of profile pictures


Redesigned PIN and pattern lock screen

All dialogs can now be colored in dark or light mode


Harmful app notifications by play protect

App freezing and not working issue

Arabic not aligning issue

Delayed messages on some phones

Random crash when the message is to number and random crash when saving status

Call failure issue on some devices on Android 11

Media not downloading and packet connection issues

Message/subtitle text box color issue when sending pictures/videos in night mode

Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods

GB WhatsApp Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods ensures users always have access to the latest features in the WA mod world. What sets GB WhatsApp AlexMods apart is its vibrant, aesthetic-focused approach compared to the original WhatsApp. As a result, GB WhatsApp AlexMods offers the most application themes.

App NameGB WhatsApp
DeveloperAlexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods
Software CategoryCommunication
Size53 MB
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Requires Android4.4 and up

By FouadMods

FouadMods GB WhatsApp leans towards a clean and straightforward page design. It preserves the design aesthetics of the original WhatsApp while introducing advanced features not found in the original WhatsApp. Additionally, GB WhatsApp by FouadMods is highly stable and boasts a consistent update frequency.

App NameGB WhatsApp
Software CategoryCommunication
Size35 MB
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Requires Android4.5 and up

The functions of GB WhatsApp Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods and GB WhatsApp FouadMods are exactly the same. They can all give you the same enhanced WhatsApp experience. And you have access to GB WhatsApp latest versions, provided by both Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods and FouadMods on this website.

GB WhatsApp Download Latest Version 17.85 Info

Below is the basic information about the latest 2024 version of WhatsApp GB, click on the GB WhatsApp free download button below to get the latest version. Discover and immerse in its electrifying features by yourself!

Last updatedOne Day Ago
Size53 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up

History Behind GBWhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Download 2024

Experience messaging like never before with the GB WhatsApp 2024 latest version, marked as 17.85. Developed by the renowned Fouad team, this release is packed with exciting features and enhancements to elevate your messaging experience. With a relentless focus on user satisfaction, the Fouad team has pushed the boundaries of functionality and performance.

Notably, WhatsAppGB has seen a transition from the Heymods team to the capable hands of the Fouad team. Version 17.85 stands as a testament to their commitment to improvement and delivering exceptional user experiences. Stay informed about the latest updates by visiting our official website, where you’ll find the download link and access to all the innovative features GBWhatsApp app offers.

GB WhatsApp Download 2022

In GB WhatsApp 2022 version, users are enjoying the expanded possibilities when it comes to sharing files, as the size and number limits have been extended. But that’s not all. WhatsAppGB now offers the “my contacts except…” privacy feature, empowering you to have greater control over who can access your information. Plus, the addition of features like call rejection options, direct contact sharing, and status confirmation before sending.

GB WhatsApp Download 2021

GB WhatsApp 2021 stands out with its extensive features and meticulous attention to detail. This version focuses on enhancing privacy, introducing new features like the built-in chat lock. It provides users with an upgraded messaging experience that prioritizes privacy.

GB WhatsApp Download 2020

GB WhatsApp 2020 surpasses the original WhatsApp version in terms of its robustness and feature set. It offers enhanced stability and a wealth of new functionalities, including autoresponders and the ability to change subjects. Users are increasingly drawn to this version due to its impressive array of features.

GB WhatsApp Download 2019

GB WhatsApp 2019 introduces a host of captivating features, including the option to customize fonts with various styles and access a wide range of emoji variations. These additions enhance the overall user experience and allow for greater personalization.

GB WhatsApp Download 2018

In response to users’ dissatisfaction with the limitations of the original WhatsApp, our team created a more advanced social software called GB WhatsApp 2018. This innovative solution was designed to surpass the restrictions of the original software and provide users with a smarter and more versatile messaging experience.

Note: It is strongly recommended that users download GB WhatsApp latest version to ensure optimal security measures.

GB WhatsApp Download Old Versions

One developer of GBWhatsApp was XDA, who created the mod with the main aim of providing users with features that were available in the original WhatsApp. The mod was a success, but the mod was stopped just as the WhatsApp developers modernized WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp+Heymods means another creator of GB WhatsApp. Yes, after the success of the mod developed by XDA, HeyMods also created WhatsAppGB, which had all the features people need in a chat app and added a lot of powerful features on top of that. This is why the mod became very popular after its release and is used by thousands of people.

As an example, GB WhatsApp 18.10 Heymods version covers many useful features that users need and has taken the world by storm, and the development team hasn’t stopped moving forward with new versions, here are some historical versions of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp 6.10 Download

GBWhatsApp 6.40 Download

GBWhatsApp 6.50 Download

GBWhatsApp6.60 Download

GB WhatsApp 10.20 Download

GBWhatsApp 18.20 Heymods

GBWhatsApp 18.10 Heymods

GBWhatsApp 17.20 Heymods

GBWhatsApp 17.00 Heymods

GB WhatsApp 13.50 Heymods

About GB WhatsApp 2024 Latest Version V17.85

Yesterday, the Heymods | AlexMods | Sam Mods team finally launched the highly anticipated GB WhatsApp V17.85. This version is like a star rising in the night, emitting a dazzling light. The GB WhatsApp V17.85 update is divided into three main sections: Exclusive Features, Enabled Features, and Fixed Features. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the changes brought by this version, with a particular emphasis on the Exclusive Features.

  • Anti-Ban Protection for New Numbers
  • Fix Banned Numbers BETA
  • Mass Message Sender
  • New Style for Loading Fonts
  • Support Translation in Two Ways
  • Notifications and Toast in MODs
  • New Style and Buttons for WhatsApp Widget
  • Ability to Make a Call Phone with Business Accounts
  • Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files
  • Enabled Username Feature

Click here to download GB Whatsapp V17.85

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GB WhatsApp Original

Discover the authentic GB WhatsApp experience on our official website, GB WhatsApp. Developed by the skilled team at Fouad, GB WhatsApp is the original version of this renowned messaging mod. It made its debut years ago, revolutionizing the way Android users communicate. Since then, it has garnered a strong reputation for its innovative functionalities and user-friendly interface. The professional team at Fouad has dedicated themselves to continuously improving the performance and security of GB WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless and reliable messaging experience. When you choose GB WhatsApp Original, you’re opting for the genuine version that grants access to all the incredible features without compromising on quality or safety. It’s important to emphasize that GB WhatsApp Original is the culmination of years of dedication and expertise from the Fouad team, resulting in a meticulously crafted mod that caters to the preferences and needs of users.

Here is the official website of GB WhatsApp, we take great pride in being your trusted source for downloading the original version. You’ll find the latest updates, news, and comprehensive support for GB WhatsApp. Explore the wide array of features and customization options that GB WhatsApp Original has to offer, and elevate your messaging experience to new heights. Choose GB WhatsApp Original today to enjoy a more personalized and feature-rich communication platform. Download GB WhatsApp Original from our official website and embark on a journey of enhanced messaging possibilities.

Comparison of GB WhatsApp & Original WhatsApp

Both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp have benefits, but GB WhatsApp is based on a more refined version of the original WhatsApp version, which may enhance your whole user experience. Look carefully to see if there are your long-anticipated features.

Maximum File Size LimitNo Limit100MB
Maximum Group Capacity600256
Status Characters Limit255 Characters139 Characters
Broadcast Restrictions600 Contacts250 Contacts
Document Sharing Limit (Number)100 at once30 at once
Document Sharing Limit (Size)1 GB16 MB
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Time)7 Minutes30 Seconds
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Size)1GB16 MB
Photo Sharing LimitMaximum 100Maximum 30
Forward LimitMaximum 250Maximum 10
Accounts on Single DeviceMore than OneOnly One
Multiple Customizable Icons×
Send Blank Message×
Animated Stickers×
Removed Forwarded Messages Tag×
Read Deleted Messages/Statuses×
Automatic Custom Reply×
Hide Blue Tick×
Hide Last Seen×

GB WhatsApp Features: Tower over Original WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp features have always been attractive. The HeyMods team has been working on making up for the lack of functionality in WhatsApp, hence the development of these highly distinctive features in GB WhatsApp APK.

Customization Features

Multiple Themes

The original WhatsApp layout is a green-themed logo with no additional themes for you to choose from, so you have to click to use it every day. This was indeed boring and irritating. But you don’t need to worry about that now, because the GB WhatsApp app lets you switch between multiple themes. With thousands of built-in themes in the app, there’s always one you’ll like. Themes can be downloaded individually or in bulk, and you can also share them with your friends. Love all the themes this app has to offer.

Various Love Sticker

Stickers are the latest addition to the WhatsApp GB 2024 new version, enabling users to chat with people using stickers to make the chat process easier and fun. You don’t need to make your stickers, the app provides you with many different types of sticker packs, but you can also go beyond the stickers provided with your WhatsApp GB account, you can use it to get more stickers in numerous categories, then choose any pack you like and add it to GBWhatsApp.

Schedule Messages

If you are afraid that you will forget to send an important message, WhatsApp GB can create private messages for you, which can be customized to your needs for a specific group of contacts on a specific date, enabling an automatic message-sending function.

Establish Custom Wallpaper Per Contact

With WhatsAppGB, you can say goodbye to dull chatbox backgrounds that are boring in black and white. It allows you to decide on a special wallpaper for each of your chatboxes, filling every corner of the software with your style.

Hide Date and Time When Copying Messages

We copy messages to make it easier for ourselves to chat or work, but copying messages in the original WhatsApp automatically carries other extra information, which can make chatting or working less efficient. GBWhatsApp solves this problem very well by automatically eliminating these unnecessary details, such as date and time when you copy a message. With this attribute, the copied content is just all the text you want to copy.

Click here for more about WhatsApp GB download new version 2024

Emoji Variant

GBWhatsApp comes with various variants of emojis. WhatsApp GB can give you a way to use as many trendy and cool emojis as you like. Sending these emojis while chatting with friends and family adds a lot of fun.

Privacy Features

GBWhatsApp Privacy Features

Many people are concerned about privacy for different reasons. WhatsApp GB will take care of everything for you. With this app, you will be able to access a whole host of exquisite features that will aid you in maintaining your privacy.

Hide Double Ticks

Messages can be sent and received when there are double ticks in the original WhatsApp. A double tick suggests that the message has been delivered to your friends or that the receiver has received the message while connected to the internet. Plus, blue ticks show that the recipient has read the message. Blue ticks can be hidden in the GB WhatsApp 2024, however. Double ticks can’t be hidden in WhatsApp’s original version. So, in case you want to hide double ticks, this mod will give you the capability to do so. As a result of hiding the double ticks, nobody can know if a message has been delivered to you. In other words, no one can claim that you have read a message from someone, but you have read it.

Hide Online Status

The original WhatsApp allows everyone to see if you are online or not. It does not support hiding online status. When you want to display an offline status, GBWhatsApp 2024 new version download is the best choice. The status of all contacts and the status of specific contacts can be hidden. If the offline status is set, the specified contact will not know whether you are online or not.

Hide Last Seen

There is an option, which is at the top of the chat, that allows everyone to see when you were last online. There is no way to hide the online status in the original WhatsApp, but you can hide the last seen message. The last seen message as well as the online status can be hidden in GB WA terbaru version. This feature prevents people from seeing your online status while you are offline, so they cannot comment or stare at it when you were last online.

Unsaved Contact Info

Before sending a message, the precondition is saving his number. There is a lot of time involved in this action, as well as space on your phone. If you are in a situation like you, where you have just been added to a group for a short period, then you do not need to add the number to your contact list. So without saving the contact but still can send a message to a specific number, the GB WhatsApp latest version can help you.

Click here to learn more about GB WhatsApp download APK.

Security Features

Privacy Features

GBWhatsApp Caller ID

WhatsAppGB caller ID can help to identify unfamiliar callers. Common calls and frauds like IRS tax, spoofs, charity, travel, free trial, investment, sales, robocalls, insurance debt & loans, can be identified. In other words, users can know the identity of an unknown caller before they receive it, making it simple and effective to filter out nuisance numbers. What’s more, WhatsApp GB APK also has features such as blocking nuisance calls, number counter-checking, and a smart message manager, which are useful for dealing with annoying nuisance calls and useless spam.

App & Chat Lock

Using a third-party app locker will lock your WhatsApp app, but you cannot lock designated chats. Meanwhile, you can lock your chats and apps in the WhatsAppGB. You can find a built-in app lock in the mod which allows you to set a password to lock specific conversations. If you don’t want a private conversation with a friend to be accidentally seen, you can also set a separate password for that conversation.

Anti-Ban APK

Previously users of modified versions of official WhatsApp always complained about accounts being banned. Mainly because the original WhatsApp would regularly monitor the modified versions and ban the type of software. But there is no need to worry about bans anymore, as WhatsApp GB download has overcome this problem. It allows users to use and enjoy the process with confidence.

Who Can Call Me?

Basically when WhatsApp users can contact anyone directly as long as the network is open. But sometimes we don’t want to be bothered or just don’t want to take calls from certain people. GB WhatsApp’s “Who can call me” feature comes into play, and by enabling it you can restrict friends and family from calling you. Specify which friends can call you. However, we recommend that you do not use this feature too often as it can cause urgent problems in certain situations. Unless you are too busy or need this feature badly.

Click here for more about GB WhatsApp APK download.

Much More Exquisite Features

Create Two Accounts

Before WhatsApp GB, users carried two phones on WhatsApp for home and professional use. Luckily, the creators are aware of the issue and have enabled the convenience of dual open accounts. The account type can be either a business account or a personal account. A business account can be used in the course of doing business. It is not appropriate to give out your family or personal WhatsApp number to a business friend. Separating professional from personal life is something we all strive for. Please relax, WhatsAppGB allows you to create two different accounts on one device. Creating two separate WhatsApp accounts with two different numbers will help you keep your WhatsApp accounts separate for business and personal use. One number can have two accounts, but you must enable and add a new number if you want to have a separate account.

Multimedia Sharing

WhatsApp users often complain about the quality of files on the original WhatsApp system when sending files. If a file is not compressed, its size may limit its transmission and lead to unsuccessful sending, and when the file is compressed, the quality decreases, which in severe cases may result in the content of the file being completely unclear. WhatsApp GB breaks the original file size requirement by allowing the sharing of all kinds of large files, all types of files, and long videos without the need to compress at the expense of quality or split into pieces that are difficult to organize. This way the quality of the images and files is guaranteed and there is no need for complicated steps to repeat the saving operation.

Anti-Delete Messages

In our everyday life, it is taken for granted that we cannot know the content of messages that have been deleted by others. With GB WhatsApp app, all these limitations are broken. Not only can you know that someone has sent you a message but withdrawn it, but you can also know that the person on the other end has deleted the content of the message. Whether the person is hesitating or has accidentally sent the wrong message, no one can hide anything from you and satisfy all your curiosities! This is GBWhatsApp!

Anti-Delete Status

Are you love to socialize? Too late to check your friends’ deleted statuses? Wondering what messages they’ve deleted? Does it sometimes bother you when a friend sends a message but deletes it immediately? That’s when GB WhatsApp’s ‘anti-deleted messages’ can fully satisfy your curiosity. This feature in GB WhatsApp original allows users to see what messages the sender has deleted, even if he/she has deleted everyone’s messages.

Click here for GB WhatsApp latest version download.

How to Start the GB WhatsApp Downloading Process?

To download the GBWhatsApp latest version, users can visit our official website, as well as other platforms like Uptodown, APKPure, and Malavida. Please make sure to stay connected with our official site to receive timely updates on new versions. Stay informed and enjoy all the exciting features of GB WhatsApp by regularly visiting our official website and staying up to date with the latest version releases.

How to Download GB WhatsApp in Android?

Before installing, obtain the GB WhatsApp APK file for free from GB WhatsApp link provided below.

Step 1. Before installing, obtain the GB WhatsApp APK file for free from GB WhatsApp link provided below.

Step 2. Check your install from the “Unknown Sources” setting and make sure is enabled. Navigate to Settings → Privacy/Security → Turn on the switch for “Unknown sources” on your Android phone.

gb whatsapp apk

Step 3. Once the download is complete, go to the file manager, find the APK file you just downloaded click on it and open it.

Step 4. Wait patiently for it to finish installing and then open GB WhatsApp. On the home screen proceed to tap on “Agree and continue”.

Step 5. Now carefully enter the correct mobile phone number and confirm it, after confirming it you will receive the OTP. Now you can start to enjoy all GB WhatsApp’s features.

Is GB WhatsApp Compatible with iPhone?

While GB WhatsApp is primarily designed for Android smartphones, iPhone users can still enjoy its features by using an Android emulator. Here’s a quick guide on how to use GB WhatsApp on iPhone with an Android emulator:

  • Step 1. Download and install an Android emulator on your iPhone.
  • Step 2. Open the Android emulator and drag the downloaded GB WhatsApp APK file into it.
  • Step 3. The installation process will start automatically. Wait for it to complete.
  • Step 4. Launch GB WhatsApp from the Android emulator’s interface.
  • Step 5. Set up your account, verify your phone number, and customize your settings.

By following these steps, you can experience GB WhatsApp on your iPhone and make use of its advanced features and customization options. It is an alternative way for iPhone users to enjoy WhatsAppGB. Explore the possibilities of GB WhatsApp on your iPhone today and elevate your messaging experience with its enhanced functionalities.

Can GB WhatsApp Be Used on a PC?

Experience the exciting world of GBWhatsApp on your PC by installing the WhatsApp GB APK. To begin, ensure you have an Android emulator installed on your PC, similar to the process for iOS. Once you have the emulator set up, download the WA GB APK from the official website. After that, follow the provided instructions to install GB WhatsApp on your PC. GB WhatsApp for PC brings the power of GB WhatsApp to your desktop.

Is It Possible to Download the GB WhatsApp App from Google Play?

GB WhatsApp Web

While GB WhatsApp offers a range of exciting features and customization options, it’s important to note that there is no official web-based version available. GB WhatsApp is primarily designed for Android devices and doesn’t offer a dedicated web interface like the original WhatsApp. Therefore, we recommend using GB WhatsApp on your Android phone to fully utilize its capabilities.

GB WhatsApp Lite

GB WhatsApp lite is a lightweight version of the WhatsAppGB app designed for devices with limited resources. It offers similar features and functionality as the standard version but with a smaller file size and reduced system requirements, ensuring a smoother and more efficient messaging experience for users with older or less powerful devices.

How to Start GB WhatsApp Update Process?

Update GB WhatsApp as easily as ABC, simply uninstall the old version and grab the GB WA terbaru version on our official website to reinstall it again. So don’t forget to bookmark our official website for easy access to WhatsApp GB latest version information and updates. Simply click on the GB WhatsApp update link to download WhatsApp GB APK latest version.

Posts About GB WhatsApp Download 2024

If you’d like to read more GB WhatsApp blogs and FAQs, click on the links below for a quick view of the latest posts!

FAQs about GBWhatsApp

Q1. How to Install GBWhatsApp?

First of all, you have to make sure that you get the GB WhatsApp free APK file from our official website, some APKs provided by unreliable and unsafe websites may contain viruses and ads. The installation process is not complicated. After downloading you have to find the file on your Android device and click to open it. Click on the Install button and depending on your network the app can be downloaded and installed in a few seconds. Also, as mentioned above you may be asked for permission to install from “Unknown Sources”.

Q2. Is it Safe to Use GB WhatsApp?

Yes. All your data is still on WhatsApp’s official servers. Just make sure that the GBWhatsApp APK is downloaded from our official website and installed in a standard way.

Q3. How to Use GB WhatsApp?

Using GBWhatsApp is similar to using the official WhatsApp, with the added benefit of exciting new features and a user-friendly layout. To get started, download it from our GB WhatsApp official website. Once installed, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number. You can then start exploring the enhanced features and customization options available in WhatsAppGB.

Q4. How to Download GB WhatsApp on iPhone?

GB WhatsApp messenger is only available for Android devices and is compatible with all Android devices, not iPhones. However, there is always a better way than the hard way, just install an Android simulator and you can easily solve the problem for iPhone users.

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About is a site based on famous WhatsApp mod ‘GBWA’. We have shared a download link for the latest version of GB WhatsApp on this site. You can bookmark this website to download newer versions of Gbwa anytime in the future as well.

If you have any suggestions or queries, you can Contact Us or Follow Us from here


Summing up

GB WhatsApp is now one of the best-modified WhatsApp you can get. Its smart features are unrivalled and its strong privacy management is great. The chances are very high that no matter what features you need in a communication app, the GB WhatsApp APK can provide it. Especially when you often feel restricted by the various file sizes, functional flaws, and cookie-cutter layout of the original software, try WhatsApp GB, it will make life easier and you won’t get disappointed!

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